Beef Jerky

Everything you need to know about making beef jerky and other dehydrated foods

History of Beef Jerky

History of Beef Jerky image Beef jerky has been around for thousands of years. Learn all about the varied history of this snack and how beef jerky was originally made.

Beef Jerky Safety

Beef Jerky Safety image When learning how to make beef jerky at home you need to pay special attention to several safety considerations. We briefly cover them here so you can get started dehydrating without concern.

How to Dry Beef Jerky

How to Dry Beef Jerky image There are many ways to dry beef jerky. Here is an extended look at the most popular ones.

Beef Jerky Recipes

Beef Jerky Recipes image There are many different types of beef jerky recipes. They range from the typical class beef jerky, to teriyaki jerky, and black pepper beef jerky.

Those are the favorites for a reason but we also like to expand our recipes to some more unique applications. So here are some of our favorite beef jerky recipes. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know!
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