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Boudin Blanc

Boudin Blanc at a Glance


Rethel, Champagne Ardenne, France

Type of Charcuterie

Fresh Sausage, Confit

Main Ingredient

Pork, Chicken, Veal

Typical Ingredients

Pork, chicken or veal, fat, eggs, milk or cream, herbs, seasoning, bread crumbs, rice (Cajun version)

Other Names

Boudin blanc de Rethel, boudin blanc Creole, white pork sausage, boudin blanc de Liege, boudin, French boudin blanc, Cajun boudin blanc, Cajun-style boudin blanc, seafood boudin, French white sausage

Boudin Blanc Description

The term boudin comes from the French word "boud" meaning cold cut. It is a general name for various types of sausages from French, German, Acadian, Belgian, Creole, Cajun and Quebec cuisine. The term blanc pertains to the white color of the sausage. Boudin blanc is a type of white sausage that can be found in both France and Louisiana.

First made in the town of Rethel in the Champagne Ardenne region of France, this is a traditional specialty sausage eaten during festive occasions such as Christmas. It is a pale white color with a mild flavor and delicate texture. Although classified alongside blood sausages, this delicate processed meat is made without any blood in it.

Boudin blanc is typically made with pork, veal or chicken mixed with whole eggs, cream or milk, bread crumbs, herbs such as marjoram and sage, and other seasonings. Liver and heart may also be mixed into this. However, traditional boudin blanc de Rethel, can only be made with pork and cannot contain any bread crumbs or extenders.

Cajun boudin blanc contains the same ingredients, except it does not have milk and uses rice in place of breadcrumbs. In the past the rice served as an extender allowing more people to get a serving of meat.

The process for making boudin blanc is slightly different from other sausage making processes. In the France, it is made by experts with much experience. A meat paste is made by simmering the milk with the herbs. The ground meat, bread crumbs and seasoning are then mixed together then blended with the eggs and milk or cream.

Various ingredients may be mixed into the boudin blanc including nuts, truffles and raisins. In Cajun cooking, the ground meat is sautéed then mixed with the spices and rice before being stuffed into casings or made into balls. Commercially sold boudin blanc comes pre-cooked in water.

French boudin blanc is usually simmered and served with gravy or other type of sauce but may also be gently cooked with some butter in a pan. These are traditionally served with a side of potatoes. Cajun boudin blanc is also usually braised but has recently gained popularity being grilled.

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